Finally... a place you can come and find Bargain-Priced Land for Sale.  Welcome to 

It's frustrating I know!  You're out there trying to find the perfect piece of property to buy... something you can call your own... but you don't want to pay an Arm and a Leg for it.  Trust me, I know... I've been there!

It's aggravating!

Well, that's why I set up this website.  I want you to have a place to come and find land you can buy for bargain prices. 

Land you can't find anywhere else because none of the land I sell is listed anywhere else with realtors or anything like that.  These are all private sales and get this, since I'm selling them privately, I can also finance the purchase for you. 

If you know anything about land... this is a BIG DEAL because most banks don't want to lend you any money when it comes to buying land.  They usually reserve their lending for homes only.  But not me... I can finance your land purchase for you.  Of course you have to have some money to put down but I'm flexible and I'll work with you the best I can. 

Now, maybe you're wondering this sounds too good to be true.  I don't blame you.  I probably would too.  But, let me tell you a little secret.

This is how I run my business and have for years.  And this is no charity.  I'm making money doing this. 

But how you're wondering?

It's pretty simply really. 

I'm damn good at buying land at very cheap prices.  But sometimes, instead of holding forever, I decide to sell some land to people like yourself who are also looking for bargains.  

Let me give you an example.  Let's say I buy a piece of land that's worth $30,000 but somehow I was able to buy it for only $5,000.  That's a good deal right?

In most cases I'll keep that land as a long-term hold but sometimes I'll decide to sell it to someone like you for let's say $19,500. 

As you can tell, I still gave you a kick A$$ deal but I still made some good money on it. 

As far as I can see that's a Win-Win isn't it?

So there you go. That's how I'm able to sell the land to you at bargain prices and still afford to run a business. 

Trust me, it's very hard work for me to find those types of bargains and it's taken me years and years and thousands of dollars to figure out a system and business plan to find those types of deals. 

Can you do it on your own?  Yes of course you can if you're ready to make the same type of money and time investment I have.  

Or you can simply take advantage of all the grunt work I've already done and simply buy from me.  It's up to you?

So, are you ready to buy your next piece of bargain-priced land?

If yes, simply take the next step and fill in your information to the right so we can get started.

And get this, once you fill in your details, you'll get an email from me EVERY time I have another bargain-priced property to sell.  This way you'll never miss out in case you aren't ready to pull the trigger right now. 

And don't forget.  I'm also willing to finance the purchase for you.  That's HUGE when it comes to buying land. 

If you don't trust me... go ahead and call your local bank.  They will tell you a big fat NO right away when you ask them if they will lend you money to buy land. 


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